JET JMS-10SCMS 10″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Jet JMS-12SCMS 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter SawFor a 10″ sliding miter saw, the JET JMS-10SCMS Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter (also called the 707110 B3NCH) is pretty impressive. It has most of the features you’ll find on their 12″ model but at about $200 less, it might be worth considering if you don’t absolutely need a 12″ saw.
You don’t give up much in capacity with this saw: It will cut base and cove moldings up to 4-3/4″ high on a vertical and cross cut boards up to 12″ wide and 3-5/8″ thick. At a 45° miter, it still handles boards up to 8″ wide. And at a 45° bevel, up to 1-5/8″ thick (1-3/8″ at 45° right bevel).

A few of the unique JET features I like are:

  • The patented Green XACTA Laser™ that shows up much better than red in daylight conditions
  • The time-saving up-front controls, including the bevel lock, so you don’t have to be reaching around the back of the saw to adjust the bevel
  • The enclosed slide rail system that stays clean and smoothly operating
  • The totally unique motor location, above and to the rear of the operating arm and blade to give you a clear view of your work
  • The encased v-belt connecting the motor to the fence that not only makes that motor positioning possible, but also cuts down on vibration and noise
  • The sliding top portions of the fences that give you better support when cutting bevels
  • The fences have increment marks on them (like a ruler) to make repetitive cuts simpler
  • The two carry handles that are positioned to provide balance when you’re moving it
  • The pull out arm that slides out of the back to help stabilize the saw on a work bench or floor
JET JMS-10SCMS_controls

Here you can see the up-front controls

There are some features too, that aren’t necessarily unique to JET, but not what you’d expect on a 10″ saw in this price range. Like the adjustable depth stop that lets you do trenching or grooving. Or the balance spring in the operating arm knuckle that makes moving the blade up and down easier and smoother.

You’ll also find a tool-free work clamp that can be mounted to either side of the blade and swung right and left for more reach and flexibility. In fact, all of the controls, adjustments, locking knobs, etc. are tool-free.

The JMS-10SCMS also has a push button arbor lock to make changing blades easier and a simple push-pin to lock the operating arm down for transporting. I like the way they made all the handles, knobs and controls a bright orange – it’s amazing how much quicker the eye locates them so you don’t have to be looking around for them.

JET JMS-10SCMS_clamp

The versatile clamp

Speaking of handles, the operating handle on this saw is handy, too. It’s big and horizontal so you can use either hand comfortably and the laser switch is located right up on the top, ahead of where your hand goes.


Like most miter saws, this one doesn’t have ideal dust collection. But it can be connected to a shop vac or a more expensive dust collection system like the Festool.

And, also typical of most miter saws, the 40 tooth OEM blade isn’t great. It’s okay for cutting 2×4′s and such but if you’re going to be doing trim work you’ll want to replace it. It does have a standard 5/8″ arbor so that’s easy. Funny thing is, the manufacturer’s brochure says it comes with a 60 tooth blade but close-up photos clearly show a 40. (You might want to click that link to the brochure, too. It’s pretty informative.)


This is just personal preference here, but I like the look of this saw – the pleasant, easy-on-the-eyes beige color and bright knobs. If I were to get back into serious woodworking I’d put it at or near the top of my wish list. Not to mention the long list of features that makes it stand out against other 10″ sliding compound miter saws. It has almost all the gizmos and doo-dads of its 12″ brother, the JMS-12SCMS without the price or the extra 20 pounds. And unless you’re working with 6″ moldings or other large material, do you really need a 12″ saw?

When reviewing a miter saw, I like to read what buyers have to say. But, like with JET’s 12″ JMS-12SCMS, I had trouble finding them for this saw. It seems it’s languishing in obscurity! But of the few I did find, one gave it four stars and the others all gave it five. All said they were very satisfied with the JET JMS-10SCMS. They said it was accurate right out of the box and it met or exceeded their expectations.

Rating: ★★★★½

Where To Buy

In looking around at online sources for the JET JMS-10SCMS I found that the price only varies $10 – $459.99 to $469.99. However, I also noticed that other sites, like Woodcraft and Rockler, add anywhere from $35 to $60 for standard shipping. The exception to this is CPO. As of this writing, they offer $6.99 flat rate shipping (subject to change) on all their saws and same day shipping.

When you follow the link below, you might notice on that page the model number is wrong: It says JMS-105CMS. I suspect the webmaster misread it and no one has corrected it yet. Not to worry, it’s the right saw.

JET JETN707110 B3NCH, JMS-10SCMS, 10-in Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw


  • Arbor Size: 5/8″
  • Bevel Stops: 0°, 33.9° and 45° left & right
  • Miter Stops : 10 stops, -45° to 60°
  • Cut Capacity @90° : 3-5/8″ x 12”
  • Miter Capacity: 45° left – 60° right
  • Blade Speed : 4200 RPM
  • Height: 20.7″
  • Length: 35.8″
  • Width: 25.2″
  • Net Weight: 50.7 lb.
  • Motor Current : 15 A

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