JET JMS-12SCMS 12″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

Jet JMS-12SCMS, 12" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Most woodworkers know the name Jet when it comes to table saws. It’s been a respected name for professional craftsmen and production shops for many years. But it seems not too many are aware that 2 or 3 years ago Jet entered the miter saw market with their JMS-12SCMS 12″ dual bevel sliding compound miter saw and it’s 10″ brother, the JMS-10SCMS.

The Jet JMS-12SCMS (also designated as Model 707120 B3NCH) is so unknown, I had trouble finding many buyer reviews for it. However, of the 6 or 7 I found, all but two rated it a solid 5 stars. Those other two gave it a 4-star rating: one didn’t like the plastic control handles and the other wasn’t satisfied with the dust collection bag.

Most buyers said this saw was accurate right out of the box (no one said it wasn’t) and one was impressed with the blade, too. As he said, most original equipment miter saw blades go in the recycle bin and are replaced right away with an aftermarket blade. Not so with this one.

The JMS-12SCMS has a few unique features that stand out, like the enclosed slide rail system. It keeps the rails and bearings clean and working smoothly. Another is the up-front controls, including the bevel lock – with most bevel miter saws you have to reach around the back to adjust and lock the bevel setting.

Jet JMS-12SCMS Up-Front Controls

In this photo you can see the easy-to-access controls and also the two swing-out arms that add support when cutting wider stock. I haven’t seen that on any other miter saw.

Another thing this saw has that you won’t find on any other is a green laser, instead of red. The green light shows up better in the daylight so it helps you all the time, not just some of the time.

One more thing that’s different about this saw is the power train. As you can see in the photo above, the motor is mounted above and behind the blade. The manufacturer points out that this gives you greater cutting capacity but I think just as important is it gives you better visibility.

The motor is connected to the blade by an enclosed v-belt, which is quieter and takes up less space than a gear drive system. It requires no cleaning or maintenance.

Here’s The List of Features

  • Multiple rubber carrying handles allow for convenient portability, very helpful for a saw this size
  • Lightweight die cast aluminum design for easy transport and long-lasting durability
  • Integrated cord wrap makes transporting easy and ensures workshop safety, no dragging the cord behind you
  • Versatile base can mount to a stand or work bench
  • Heavy Duty 15 Amp motor
  • Hold-down clamp ensures an accurate cut by stabilizing the work piece, mounts on either side
  • Over-sized, ergonomic knobs provide ease of use and maximum control
  • Innovative Green XACTA Laser provides high visibility for precision cutting
  • Up front controls for safety and ease of use
  • Dual bevel capability allows you to angle and stop at 0°, 33.9°, and 45° left and right
  • Quick cam miter lock conveniently adjusts and stops at 10 detents: 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° left and right and 60° right
  • Ergonomic, D-shaped handle for maximum control during cutting applications using either hand
  • Easy-slide fences extend further to support the work piece on both sides


  • Arbor Size : 5/8″
  • Bevel Stops : 0°, 33.9° and 45° left & right
  • Cut Capacity @ Cross : 4” x 12-1/4″
  • Miter Capacity : 45° left – 60° right
  • Miter Stops : 10 stops, -45° to 60°
  • Bevel Type : Dual
  • Blade Diameter : 12″
  • Blade Speed : 4200 RPM
  • Height : 22.8″
  • Length : 37.4″
  • Width : 26.3″
  • Model Number : JMS-12SCMS
  • Motor Current : 15 A
  • Net Weight : 72.6 lb
  • Part Number : 707120


Something you may have noticed in the specs is the 5/8″ arbor on the Jet JMS 12-SCMS. This is about the only shortcoming I see and it might come to light when you try to replace the blade. Most 12″ blades come with a 1″ bore but you CAN buy a miter saw blade with 5/8″ bore – most double miter machines use them. A good source is Just Saw Blades that carries a wide selection of professional blades.

Another negative, as mentioned in the part above about user reviews, is the dust collection. The bag is small and mounts on the top, not the bottom. But let’s look at reality: If you’re doing any serious amount of work with a saw like this, you’re probably going to want to connect the port to a shop vac or other dust extraction system.


Like Jet’s famous table saws, the JMS 707120 B3NCH 12-SCMS is well thought out and a precision machine with great features. But UN-like their table saws, this machine is competitively priced, in the same range as similar saws from Makita, Milwaukee, etc.

I’m going to stick with what people who have bought this saw had to say and give it a very good rating:
Rating: ★★★★½

Where To Buy

I found the Jet JMS-12SCMS Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw at a few places online, all at the same price. But one online store has low flat rate shipping of $6.99 instead of the $40 or so others charge. And it’s a very reputable online store, with a whole site dedicated to Jet tools. They’ve been in business a long time and satisfied 1000′s of customers – they’re BBB Online Accredited and the site is secured by VeriSign so you can rest easy using a credit card. (Price and shipping rates subject to change.)


Click this link:

JET JETN707120 B3NCH, JMS-12SCMS, 12-in Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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