Makita LS1016LX 10-inch Dual-Slide Miter Saw With Stand Review

Makita LS1016LX With Portable Jobsite StandThe Makita LS1016LX Dual Slide Compound Miter with the Jobsite Miter Saw Stand  195083-4 is a great combination for a finish carpenter. Not only does the stand put your saw where you want it, it folds down nearly flat with the saw attached to give you easier mobility(see image below).

As you can see in this first photo, the stand has large 12″ solid rubber wheels and a big rubberized handle to roll it around the site and get the saw where you need it. And it has built-in extensions with a roller on the left extension to help you handle longer stock with ease.

Having read user reviews of this stand and a couple others made to go with high-end contractor miter saws, the Makita stands out. One of the others earned complaints because the wheels are so small, it tips over when it’s being pulled around a job site. The other comes with pneumatic tires that are prone to puncturing with all the loose nails in a construction area.

And one was deemed too light-weight and flimsy for the heavy saw being put on it. The Makita 195083-4 doesn’t have either of these problems.

To read the full review of the 195083-4 click here. If you also want to read the full review of the LS1016L 10 dual sliding compound miter saw click here. The stand is also paired up with the 12″ Makita LS1216L and that’s called the LS1216LX.

Click on an image below to see a larger version.

Makita LS1016LX 10" Miter Saw With Portable StandLS1016LX in use

The Makita LS1016LX combination dual sliding compound miter saw and portable jobsite stand can be purchased as one unit, saving approximately $50 versus buying them separately.

The best source I found for this combo setup is Tool King. They’ve been around for a long time and are ranked in the top 50 of all Internet retail sites by Internet Retailer, and industry publication. They’re also a member of Better Business Bureau Online Reliability Program and their site is McAfee secured. Trust them.

Makita LS1016LX 10-inch Dual-Slide Miter Saw with Laser and Stand

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